Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Am Not Dead, and Here is Skullcrusher Mountain

Please forgive my lack of blogging. Things have gotten just slightly crazier since baby Joshua came home from the hospital, and I have just that much less free time. I have also been distracted by a little thing called Twitter, and some of the time I might have spent blogging has been spent Twittering instead. I don't ultimately want to be only a twit, though, thinking only in 140-character squirts, and so I will endeavor to blog more often.

Meanwhile, I finally got fed up with making any more changes to the Skullcrusher Mountain mix, and so called it final. Here is the MP3 file (link to, where you can download the file, or play it directly). If anyone would like it in FLAC, let me know.

Jonathan Coulton was kind enough to write about us in this blog entry where he commented "It sounds like a party is what it sounds like, a big internet party." That's exactly what it was, just in slow motion, with people I've never met in person, and involving a lot of endless debate over how to mix the finished product. But it was a great experience! I have continued to record parts for future mixes including two guitar parts and a bass part for "My Monkey," which is being mixed by someone else, and I am playing around with parts for "Creepy Doll" and "Shop Vac" as time allows -- that is, very, very intermittently.

Credits for this particular mix of "Skullcrusher Mountain:"

Bry: Instigator

Joe "Covenant" Lamb: Spoken and Sung Lead Vocals, Ego, White Gold

Charlotte McIntosh: "Miley Cyrus-Style" Bridge Duet and Backing Vocals

Ian "Bigcambridge" Schwartz: Unison and Harmony Backing Vocals

Colleen "Colleenky" Kennedy: Unison and Harmony Backing Vocals, Geek Wrangler

Caleb "voidptr": Soprano, Tenor, and Bass Recorders, LaLa Chorus and Unison Backing Vocals

Dave "H4WK" Scheck: Octave Electric Guitar, Lead Wisperer

Mick "Lunacy" Bordet: Theremin, Electric Bass

Jarrett "SpaceParanoids" Heather: Stylophone

"bobsmitt": Digital Drums

Paul R. Potts: Drone Electric Guitar, Nylon-String Guitars, Additional Electric Bass, Editing, Mixing

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