Sunday, May 3, 2009

Guitar Pron 1: Peavey Limited ST

Peavey Limited ST, 91026549. This is one is one of my absolute favorites. It has the prettiest finish of any of my instruments. It isn't quite as gorgeous as some of the PRS "10 tops," but I'd say it is at least a 9. And the "binding" -- which is really an un-stained routed edge -- adds a very attractive line of contrast between the face and back of the guitar.

My to-do list of things to fix or adjust on this guitar is blank -- it is perfect. It is currently set up with Ernie Ball 10s and it is a joy to play.

The Limiteds are solid-body electrics, but they are much lighter than similar designs like the T-60. I think they have hollowed-out cavities in the body, under the maple top, that make them quite light and add to their resonance.

It has a 25.5-inch scale length, quilted maple top in Tiger's Eye finish, Grover self-locking tuners, hipshot bridge, tremolo, and oversized strap pegs; shielded electronics cavity, and five-way switch. I recently had the frets leveled and dressed at Elderly Instruments in Lansing.

I got this one at my local Music-Go-Round for a very low price. These are fantastic guitars, built in the Peavey USA custom shop in Mississippi. It isn't widely appreciated what fine instruments they are. The attention to detail in the finish and fret work is amazing. They have extremely tight and well-crafted neck pockets and a smooth, rounded heel with five bolts. It's among the best-built bolt-on neck guitar I've seen, with the exception of some extremely expensive boutique instruments.

Because they are not considered collectible, very nice examples can be found on eBay at excellent prices. I own one more, an HB with two humbuckers and a blue quilt finish, that I will feature later. I'm also on the lookout for the third type, the VT, with three single-coil pickups.

UPDATE: I have a new Peavey Limited with a blonde flame maple top. It's a much subtler look, but still very pretty. Check it out (the link jumps to another entry in this blog).


Anonymous said...

I'm delighted to see that it's not just early music enthusiasts who accumulate instruments or suffer from Oh! Shiny! reactions to them :)

Paul R. Potts said...

Nope. I will be gradually documenting my guitar collection. I would tell you how many there are, but it is somewhat embarrassing : )

Besides collecting them, and of course playing them, I get a lot of joy out of fixing them up. It blows my mind when I'm able to find an instrument that was extremely cheap because it has a loose knob or just needs a truss rod adjustment. Sometimes I can do all the fixing that is needed myself. If not, I always can use an excuse to go visit Elderly Instruments in Lansing, and they do fantastic work.

StarFoxHound said...

Nice guitar, how much did it cost you?

Paul R. Potts said...

StarFoxHound, I got this one for $400. Most of the 3 other Limited models I've gotten for a little more than that (in the $500 range).

Jan said...

Great review! Most people don't know that Peavey actually makes great guitars (beside the well-known Wolfgang, HP). I have 3 Limiteds in all 3 flavors, and i love them! Just like I love my Odysseys, Cropper, Milano and T-60's!
Couldn't care less about what name on the headstock: if you want a great guitar at an affordable price: start looking for these hidden gems!

Paul R. Potts said...

Jan, I am hoping to get my hands on a Cropper at some point -- there are some other Telecaster-like models that look pretty cool. I never much liked Fender or Squier Telecasters but I like some other builders' takes on the Telecaster design better.

I've never even heard of the Milano -- I'll have to look that up!

I'm also keeping my eye out for a Razer and Mystic (wow, those are dated designs!) We just moved and have a lot of expenses these days so acquiring any new instruments for the collection is kind of on hold, at least for a few months.

Jared said...

I just found me one just like yours at a pawn shop... and talked them down to $165! Has the hard case, but no trem arm (the point I made to dicker on the price). SCORE!!!

Paul Potts said...

Jared, wow! I would check it over very carefully though -- make sure the truss rod works, the electronics are not screwed up, etc. I've had really bad luck with pan shop guitars, at least through eBay -- missing bridge pieces, crappy packing, all kinds of troubles. But if there really are no hidden problems, that's an incredible deal!

Jared said...

Yup... it's all good! Pawn shop guitars are my thing. I do guitar repair on the side and have a lot of experience with giving a guitar a thorough check-up before purchase. If there are issues, I make sure to point them out and dicker on the price! For me, it's usually easy to fix (but they don't have to know that).

Not too long ago, I found an honest-to-goodness 1969 Les Paul Special at a pawn shop... talked them down to $100 (that's what I call a Louisiana Purchase). She's a mutt, so the collectability is kinda shot, but she plays nice and the P90's are super sweet sounding. Keep your eyes open and the deals can still be found.