Thursday, October 21, 2010

SpinTunes 2, Round 2 Completed

I've done a little more tweaking. I haven't managed to do quite everything I had remaining on my to-do list, but I found that because my wife is going out of town earlier than I expected. It's due Sunday night, but I have to get to a stopping point sooner than I thought. So, rather than delve into any new synth parts or re-recording vocals yet again, I'm calling it finished. If my notes are correct, I put in most of last Sunday, and then 3 late-night recording sessions of four or five hours each, so I'm guessing I've got about 30 hours into it, in total.

I cut out one of the short spoken word breaks to bring the total running time to about 4 minutes. It's about 30 seconds longer than a typical pop song, and people are very well-programmed these days to expect songs to end pretty much at exactly 3:30, but I hope it doesn't feel excessively long.

You can find the track here on Bandcamp.

I've uploaded a little work-in-progress video on Vimeo.

I'll try to come up with a video next week if possible.

Here are the final lyrics:


I am a scientist, true. But define "mad."


Once I was blinded by beauty
That I mistook for technology
I loved to play with electronics
Producing all kinds of crazy sonics
But these days I'm a nature lover
Give me a human under the covers


BEAUTY mistaken for
SCIENCE in the service of
MONEY producing new
Connections, rejections
Maybe too much introspection
Too much to handle
It can't hold a candle to you


Goodness, Miss Sakamoto! Is it really you? Do come in.
My, my, you haven't aged a day!
May I offer you a cup of tea?
You've heard, perhaps, that my little inventions have made me a wealthy man?


My meters are all a-quiver
Your touch gives me the shivers
Now let's conduct an experiment
Oh never mind, it's completely irrelevant
My vacuum tube's overheated
I've lost my cool, I'm completely defeated



ThinkPods and GeekPads
and things that warm up
Devices that vibrate
chips that make music
Psionics, dildonics
Good old telephonics
Machines that go "bing,"
Science chthonic,
Glowing rectangles
And cables in tangles
Just hop on the network
You don't need to do legwork
To find my location
You won't need cogitation
Texting is peachy
But pheromones can't reach me
Your webcam is online
But that's not in real time
Come over to my place
I can't feel you in cyberspace...



I see your teacup is empty!
Oh, dear, we've run out of sherry as well
Please be careful where you step; the laboratory is so cluttered.
It's very hard to find qualified help these days.
What? You say you might be interested in assuming your old... position?


Now your machinery's in order
You can trust me, I'm a doctor
You know that science is dandy
But come on honey, give me some candy
I want to study biology
In specific, your anatomy


SPOKEN (on drums/fadeout):

It was so good to see you, Miss Sakamoto!
Do come back and see me again soon.
Perhaps next time, you might care to have a look at my etchings?
My door is always open.

I've determined that Bandcamp's preview and MP3 downloaded files sound considerably better if I feed it source tracks that are down-shifted to 16 bits without using dither, so that's what I'm doing now. It also appears I could just give Bandcamp 24-bit files, and some of my projects are at 96KHz, so maybe I'll experiment with that when I get a chance. Almost everyone will be listening at 44.1KHz, 16-bit, so I'm not sure if there is any big benefit to be had, unless Bandcamp's sample rate conversion and world length conversion algorithms are somehow magically superior to mine.

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