Saturday, October 24, 2009

Guitar Pron 7: Adamas 12-String

Here is another eBay find -- a near-mint Adamas 12-string acoustic guitar with a woven carbon fiber top. This one seemed perfect for me since the cobalt blue top is one of my favorite colors.

The "epaulets" are made of a series of different hardwoods.

12-string bridges always look almost comical, and this one is no exception.

The neck looks a bit like the neck on a Peavey Cirrus or a high-end Carvin guitar.

12-string guitars are almost aways top-heavy, due to the massive tuner hardware involved. These tuners are particularly fine.

The real thrill in this thing, though, is the way it sounds. The top is incredibly resonant, and it projects a ridiculous amount of volume if you dig in with a heavy pick. I almost can't use it to accompany my vocals without a mic and PA system. It could really project to the back of an auditorium. Go a little lighter, and it is as expressive as a brush on a snare. The sound is not woody, like a Martin, but brassy and metallic, almost electronic sounding. In fact, it sounds a lot like a Steinway piano, or a harpsichord.

The action is low, and it is easier to play than just about any 12-strings I've ever used, although I don't think my hands are really ever going to enjoy playing sustained barre chords up the neck of a 12-string, and even my guitar teacher, whose hands are stronger than mine, gave up with a laugh when he tried to bend the strings. The sound isn't for everything, but I do love the sound of a 12-string!


Covenant said...

Holy FECK, that's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Dibs if you ever sell it!!