Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Herd Mentality, Part 2: the Second Dozen

13. A 4-string Steinberger XP bass. This one was featured in Guitar Pron 11.

14. A Steinberger XQ-4 version 1 bass. This one was featured in Guitar Pron 8.

15. A 5-string Steinberger Synapse fretless bass. I don't have any photos of this bass, although I have used it in a couple of my YouTube videos. I'll feature it in an upcoming installment of Guitar Pron. These discontinued basses are interesting but I don't actually recommend that anyone buy them.

There is another Steinberger bass -- the white Music Yo era XQ-4 version 2. This one was featured in Guitar Pron 3. However, I gave this one to my son, so it isn't officially part of my herd any more.

16. A Godin LGX-SA. This guitar was featured in Guitar Pron 2.

17. A Godin SA nylon-string. This one is on loan. I'll take some photos of it when I get it back.

18. An Adamas 12-string acoutic guitar. This guitar was featured in Guitar Pron 7.

19. An Ovation USA Elite with Tribal Flame finish. This one needs good pictures.

20. A Babicz Identity Jumbo. This guitar was featured in Guitar Pron 12.

21. An Ovation Applause tenor ukulele.

22. An Ovation Applause Soprano ukulele.

23. This one is not very photogenic; it is a Jag-Stang that I have horribly abused over the years, practicing my repair and upgrade skills. It turns out my luthier skills aren't so hot. It has a custom Warmoth neck with stainless steel frets, Gotoh vintage locking tuners, a 3rd-party pickguard, and upgraded Seymour Duncan pickups. However, it still needs a lot of assembly work, and so right now really is a parts guitar!

24. A Parker Fly Classic, which I haven't yet photographed.

It's possible I am forgetting one!

Update 11 Feb 2010

Oops, yep, I am. #25 is another Peavey Limited, this one an HB (dual humbucker) model, with a blue flame maple top. You can hear this guitar on this unused concept from Joe Covenant's song That's the neck pickup, with the tone pot rolled off just a bit.

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