Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Peabody's Boy, Revised Lyrics

Getting there... but they still need some work.


I've spent my career teaching history
But my colleagues always mock me
My papers are rejected
My letters to the editor aren't selected
My memories of those days are mostly a blur
Of crudely drawn animation
With our horn-rimmed glasses we'd explore
The pasts of many nations
His bowtie he always kept impeccable
His puns were completely unacceptable
But I tell you this without much joy
For I'm no longer Peabody's... boy


My life has been so ordinary
Since the day he went away
Now it's been almost fifty years
And I am old and gray
I've never stopped believing
That he'll come back for me
My master, mentor, friend Mister Peabody
Now you might think I'm just confused
And age has left me in a fog
But I never minded playing second fiddle...
To a dog


I followed his every instruction
To assure our history correctly functioned
We righted wrongs and we had a blast
Fixing problems in our past
When our TV show was cancelled
He took it very hard
You could hear the poor thing howling
Out in the backyard
He broke out of his kennel
And went through the machine
We'd know just when he went to
But he'd broken the view screen
The government men came and took it away
Now how'm I going to get back to yesterday?



Perhaps he went to Egypt
Or maybe prehistoric times
He always had impeccable timing
But I'm getting old and I'm tired of rhyming
Cartoons can live forever
But not so human men
I sure hope he gets here soon
So I can see his fuzzy face again
Maybe in some far distant when
They can fix me and make me young again
Maybe he's waiting in the future
And I'll catch up one day
And we'll be dog and boy like it was yesterday


I had to pack up and go back to school
Which felt to me so very cruel
The history books seemed strange
It's not fun when it can't be rearranged
I got older and I discovered girls
But they never seemed to like me
Maybe the dog tags put them off
Or maybe it's just the fleas
Peabody's the only friend
That I ever really trusted
I hope when he's finished writing history's wrongs
He'll come back to the life he busted
He'll come back for his old comrade
And we'll be history
I hope Mister Peabody won't forget me


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