Monday, November 1, 2010

SpinTunes 2 Round 3 Shadow

The challenge involves writing about a "secondary historical figure." I'm out of the official running, but the idea did pop into my head that I should write about one of my own personal favorite historical figures.

Very rough draft lyrics in progress... they don't even rhyme properly. I'll let you figure out who the narrator is.

He always knew just what to say
A horrid pun, a deadpan look
I did all his grunt work
He introduced me as his boy

When the show was cancelled
He took it really hard
You should have heard him howling
Out in the backyard

I had to go back to school
It seemed pretty strange
History's not quite so fun
If you can't rearrange it

He broke out of the kennel
And went back to the machine
And vanished into history
I hope that one day I will see
His furry smile again

I discovered girls
But they never did discover me
My life has been so ordinary
Since the day he left me
I'm living in mom's basement
We got rid of the fleas
I still wear his dog tags 'round my neck
It's been forty years
I watch our old movies
And play video games blah blah blah blah
There's not much left to expect
When you've spent your childhood
Playing second fiddle to a dog

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